Hotel chain take on Solar PV project to make extensive savings

In June 2017 Engenera Renewables commenced a Solar PPA install program across multiple Metro Inn sites in UK and Ireland.

The hotel group were eager to reduce their annual energy spend which was becoming a major operating expense and were delighted with the savings on offer. A big driver was also the ability to illustrate their environmental responsibility. The PPA route enabled them to do both with a single contract.

Total savings over 25 years – £1,780,090
Carbon Reduction – 174,9627 kgCO2

This allowed Engenera access to 51,500 homes and to establish an initial pilot scheme of 1000 homes. This is being complimented by the local energy efficiency advice, targeting areas of older housing stock.

With Feed in Tariffs stabilising after a turbulent period, long term investment and secured project planning is now very much achievable. Following the introduction of the FITs Scheme by DECC the installation of Solar Photovoltaic panels serving domestic RSL properties across the UK attracted mass attention. Solar PV installations comprise Photovoltaic panels fixed on a property’s roof which converts the suns energy to electricity. Before the outset of the Riverside project it was realised that not only could tremendous energy savings be delivered to the households but also that significant carbon reduction targets could be reached, providing solutions for the fuel poor. In short Riverside were being provided with a unique proposition to resolve their low carbon requirements.

With their excellent knowledge of the PV market, Engenera set out to ensure that they secured “the best of breed” in both product and service selection, which they see as key to the success of any project.

To ensure the tenant remains at the heart of every decision and to strengthen the successful award winning Riverside Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, there was an appointed dedicated Tenant Liaison Officer (TLO). The clear duties of TLO’s were to assist with site set up, liaise with any concerns, discuss scope of works, manage complaints as quickly as possible, drive continuous improvement and conduct tenant satisfaction surveys.

On completion of each installation the tenant’s energy bills will be potentially reduced by 40% during daylight hours. These figures are dependent on the individual tenant’s usage. This alone could instantly lift them out of the fuel poor classification.



The project is delivering significant energy savings for the residents, estimated to total up to £250,000 per year that’s £5,000,000 over the lifetime and is also responsible for bringing valuable green skills training and work experience opportunities to job seekers.

Prior to commencement of any works, “Town Hall” style meetings were held within the communities. This offered tenants the opportunity to engage directly, have their questions answered, understand the scope of works, the benefits and really instil a feel good factor around not only investment in their community but Green Investment on the latest technologies in their own properties.

When I found out I was getting the solar panels I was delighted. People need to start thinking about helping the environment, and using this form of energy obviously does that. “It’s also great to be able to save some money. I’m not sure what I will spend the savings on yet, but it is just nice to have it. “I personally think solar panels are the way forward. Everything changes and this change is definitely for the better.

Ruth Thompson (1,000th resident to benefit from the installation)

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