Engenera offers a fantastic range of options for customers looking be more energy-efficient

Solar PV

Solar PV, or a photovoltaic system, is a method of harnessing the power of sunlight to create energy that can be used to power any electrical device. 17% of people believe that solar panels can only be fitted on buildings with south facing roofs and, while they are traditionally the most effective, modern panels can generate electricity from any angle – even on cloudy days!

LED Lighting

A more energy efficient way of illuminating your home or workplace, LED lighting has a number of benefits, including emitting less heat, being safer and kinder to the environment and being cheaper to run. The lights are available in a range of styles, from large industrial options right through to festive twinkling options.

EV Charging

The number of electric vehicles on UK streets is continuing to rise, with the figure expected to cross the 200,000 mark in 2018. In order to support this EV charging points are becoming a common sight in car parks and outside residential properties. Best of all, in many cases adding an electric charging point has no upfront cost.

Combined Heat / Power

Also known as cogeneration, combined heat and power is the process of being able to recover and use the heat produced from power production. The process has a number of benefits including reduced admissions of around 30% and dramatically reduced energy costs. Incorporating combined heat and power is often cited as the most significant single opportunity for businesses to reduce energy bills.

Battery storage

This clean energy solution works on using batteries as an electrochemical basis for energy production. The technology is also getting cheaper as the market continues to expand. A fantastic and viable option for businesses, the team at Engenera can complete assessments to show how battery storage can play a key role in businesses looking to save money on their energy costs.


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