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Funding can often prove the biggest barrier to making your renewable energy solutions a reality. 31% of businesses are concerned that the cost of electricity will severly impact their business by 2020, whilst a huge 92% of people are unaware of where to look for information about fully-funded renewable energy solutions which can lock in a set price to guard against future energy rises.

This means many business owners are unaware that there is specific funding set aside to help them drastically reduce energy costs, protect against future volatile energy price hikes and demonstrate environmental responsibility through a reduction in their carbon footprint.

As one of the few companies in the UK qualified to pre-approve and ringfence funding we are in a great position assist our customers in removing initial outlay and providing cheaper energy rates for years to come.

We believe everyone deserves greener, cheaper energy and we know that every client will have their own requirements and circumstances; which is why we have three diverse options to fit different business needs.

There are three purchase options across all our environmentally-friendly technologies:


Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

By far our most popular option, this is specific funding which allows companies to install sustainable energy solutions with no up-front costs and with the added benefit of having the system fully maintained.

This method guarantees no upfront costs or ongoing maintenance fees. Energy prices are locked in for up to 25 years, rising only inline with inflation, and contracts are fully transferrable should the property ever be sold during the contract period. The primary benefits include:

  • No upfront costs – businesses simply benefit from reduced electricity rates, enabling them to save money on energy
  • Payment is only made on electricity that is produced and used each month
  • Typical initial electricity bill savings of approximately 15-30% from day one, increasing annually as energy prices from the grid supplier is increased


Private investment (Able to Buy)

Once you understand the options available to make your buildings generate sustainable energy you may wish to fund the projects yourself. If so you can benefit not only from significant savings but also have the opportunity to generate additional income from the Government’s Feed In Tariff (FIT).

The benefits of such systems include:

  • Feed In Tariff (FIT) or Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) – This is a financial payment guaranteed for between 20 & 7 years respectively by the UK government. It is paid on each unit (kWh) of electricity/heat the system will produce
  • Export tariff – This is paid on each unit of electricity which is generated, not consumed, then “exported” back to the grid
  • Consumption Offset – Simply put this is how much they save by generating your own electricity as opposed to buying from grid or energy suppliers

To find out more about how an Engenera solution can work for your business, please complete the following form and our friendly team will be in touch to provide expert assistance.


Asset finance (Pay as you Save)

If you are a business that has been trading for over 36 months we would be delighted to discuss Energy Efficiency finance with you. With this option, the savings generated by the system pay off the initial outlay.

Typically, the loan is taken over a 5-to-7 year period, with interest rates around 2.5 – 4% (subject to status).

There are a range of attractive options which allows organisations to use the significant savings in their energy fees to pay for their installations.

The savings cover the loan repayments and, once the loan term is completed and balance repaid, all future revenue generated from the system would be profit for the business. We work with a network of finance companies and are able to assist with all loan requirements.



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